Skirts in Winter

The weather is cooling down, tanks and bikinis carefully placed away for next season, you move and see all you skirts just there, don’t put them away. Wearing a skirt in winter is a great way to add a preppy and girly look to an outfit. Wearing a skirt in winter is easier than you think.

When wearing a skirt in winter, it’s about the balance of tones. In cooler seasons you naturally wear darker colours, things such as greys, blacks, blues and greens, the natural colours associated with winter.

Skirts have many different styles, pencil, skater, mini, maxi etc. Mini and maxi skirts are defiantly more of a summer style skirt, so pencil and skater are more winter styles and cuts. A pencil is a good one for winter as you can layer stockings with them, add a nice blouse, cute boots and a coat and there you have a sophisticated work look.

Skater skirts are really good as they are easy to layer with tights or leggings. They are looser than pencil skirts and have a nice flare to them. They look really nice over the top of tops to highlight the waist or if you don’t have a really small waist, they look fine under tops too.

Skirts don’t have to be shoved to the bottom of the draw when the colder weather hits. They are perfect layering pieces and add fun and class to an outfit.

Below is an outfit I wore to a mother’s day lunch
Sweater: Dotti
Skirt: Free Fusion by Target (not available anymore)
Leggings: Target
Singlet (worn underneath): Target
Necklace: Valley Girl AU
Boots: Target
(All brands are Australian and I brought all things from Australian stores)

Photo on 8-05-2016 at 10.10 AM


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