Printed Skirts

Printed skirts are fun and if you get the styling right, they can make a huge statement. There are many types of skirts, like pencil, a-line, skater, maxi, mini, midi etc…But you need to find the one that you like the best. For me, its skater skirts. They are fun and playful and are easy to work into a wardrobe, but its up to you to discover what works for you. Anyway, printed skirts. There are endless possibilities for the type of print. I’ve been eyeing off a city printed midi skirt online (Here) for a while now. That is what I would classify as an EXTREME patterned skirt, something that you gotta know what you’re doing to style it, but there are more subtle prints, something like a plain zig zag or polka dot skirt can usually work for most people and sometimes you can break all fashion rules and wear these with another similar pattern, I mean its your style, you can do what you want wiht it. Then in the middle you have your classic kind of prints, leopard, multicolours, tribal. These are in the middle as they are a little harder to style but can be done so with assistance, luckily you have this blog post to help you out.

With a more simpler patterned skirt eg. polka dots, wearing a colour mirrored in the skirt often looks clean and professional. Of course you can always wear a contrast colour top for a pop of colour, just mirror this chosen colour through accessories. This will give you an effective colour distribution and balance the outfit. With patterned skirts, its alway better to wear plain shoes consisting of one colour. Black, beige, grey and white are all good colours as they all have neutral bases and go with most things. I mean who can go wrong with a pair of black stilettos.

With the ‘middle’ patterned skirts. The same basic rules apply, plain top with it being a colour in the skirt. Because these skirts have more complex and detailed patterns, its important that you respect the skirt and make it the icing on the cake, everything else should work with it. Because it isn’t aity printed midi skirt really complex skirt, fun accessories and a matching printed clutch to make a fun statement.

With the EXTREME patterned skirts, like a full on scene prints with the sky, buildings etc. You gotta be careful, these are full on statement skirts and must be worn and dressed with caution. You gotta go plain, reflect colours in the skirt, but nothing to bold or deep, like if the skirt had pink and you wanted to wear a pink top, you don’t go pick your fluro fuchsia top. No, back away and go for a softer shade of pink, like baby pink or a rose pink. If you went the bolder top, you are distracting from the skirt with a counteracting bold shirt and trust me, it looks like a hot mess when you do this. Of course if you went black or white, it sounds simpler but its not, you can even stuff up wearing black or white. If the skirt has a lot of light colours, like yellow, pink, orange. Go for a white top as they have similar base colours. If there is a lot of blue, green, purple etc. Go for a black or even navy coloured top as the darker colours will keep the whole outfit balanced and keep you from looking like you don’t know your colours. Again with heels, balance the outfit. If mainly dark colours, dark heels, silver accessories work best. Lighter colours, go for white or cream heels and gold accessories.

This is the skirt I was talking about earlier Here

Of course, this is just a guideline and you don’t have to follow the rules I’ve set. This is more of a beginners way to patterned skirts and fashion should be about expressing yourself, so wear that patterned skirt how you and your style says so.


Photo on 3-06-2016 at 6.33 PM

Photo on 3-06-2016 at 6.32 PM #2

I do have a shirt on, just a crop top


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