Online Shopping

So, recently I’ve been doing quite a bot of online shopping which explains why I am broke. As you've probably read, this is part one, so sit back, hold onto those credit cards and let me explain to you why online shopping is worth the investment

First things first, what websites do I use. Well, its up to you to find websites where you like shopping. Some of my favourites are Romwe, Choies and Yoins. These have good shipping prices and have really good quality products for really good prices. But as I am in Australia, shipping from other stores can be a deal breaker, so it depends how much you are willing to pay for shipping to your place of living. One way to check the price of shipping is to either google it or pretend to buy something and keep pretending until you find out the shipping cost, lots of websites have free shipping if you spend over x amount of money, e.g.. $50. So if you want, sometimes its better to do one big shop to save shipping costs.

So, once you have found a website that you like. Its important to go through and make an account. Once you have an account set up. scroll through the pages and if the website has it, which a lot do, save items you like to your wishlist, keeping in mind, budget and sizing of course. When online shopping, its good to know your measurements, things like, height, waist, bust etc…this is so you make sure you get the right size. Also note that some websites may have different shoe sizes, here in Aus we have 6,7,8 etc but in the UK they have 36,38,40 etc so google shoe size converter and find your size. Knowing information like this prevents you from buying something thats too big or too small.

Okay, so you know your sizes, have saved item you love and just cant live without now you’ve seen them. Its time to start the purchase. When purchasing, keep in mind your budget, and try not to exceed this. With credit cards, its a little harder but if you have a gift voucher, online shopping voucher or prepaid visa card, you have a limited budget. Make sure you you know the cost of the final shipping before you make the final purchase. If the company offers shipping insurance, its worth adding that. In most cases, they will replace any lost or broken items at no extra cost to you.

Once you’ve selected your final purchase and paid. Its the hard part, the waiting. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for packages to arrive, or as quick as 1 week. Just be patient and soon you’ll have your brand new whatever you ordered. Enjoy.


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