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It’s all the craze at the moment, who has the best active wear and even if you don’t go to the gym, you still wear it. All the brands like Lorna Jane, Fabletics, Nike, Russell Athletic, Adidas etc. but before you jump on the active wear bandwagon, there are a few things you should know



Well, if you don’t need it, why buy it. If you play a sport which has a training night or day, go to gym or do exercise in your own time, do you actually need to spend precious money on those tights. When I say exercise, I mean not just a few laps around on the old bike with your bestie, I mean actual exercise that makes you sweat. If you actually do exercise, I mean, invest in looking good while you do it but if you’re not serious or only exercise a couple times a month, what’s the point in buying expensive clothing. A pair of leggings and a casual top will suffice for that rare run. Of course, if your school makes you change your entire outfit for gym class, then buying one set of active wear will do, just wash it. Being from Australia, we only change our top at my school, not the whole kit and caboodle.


So, we all have those brands where the sizing is a little different to others, so you gotta try it all on. With active wear, some brands are have a more slim fit, not to put anyone down but brands like Running Bare often have a smaller fit. I am a comfy size 14, so is my friend but she brought Running Bare and had to get a size 16 and even that was a snug fit. So if you feel self-conscious with things not fitting and your size not fitting, it’s better to stick to brands such as Adidas, who have a more relaxed fit. Also, active wear clings to the body most of the time, unless it’s a cotton tank to t-shirt, so if you don’t feel comfortable wearing something that clings like glad wrap, maybe avoid tops like that, in most cases, the lycra leggings will cling and be tight. So don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn ya. (Taylor Swift, sorry again)



So, will you. There is no point in purchasing it if you won’t wear it, I’ve sort of covered this is the 2nd paragraph but I want to make sure you understand that it’s okay not to have designer active wear. If you will wear those floral printed lycra tights, then get them but if you just think they are pretty, maybe have second thoughts. People think that it’s so fashionable to have active wear and they don’t actually use it for its purpose and that is to work out in it. So just saying that if you aren’t going to get your money’s worth from the clothes then yes, buy it but if you’re not, then maybe there are better things to spend the money on.


So, there you go. Maybe now you can just think twice about jumping or running on this global craze!


Online Shopping

So, recently I’ve been doing quite a bot of online shopping which explains why I am broke. As you've probably read, this is part one, so sit back, hold onto those credit cards and let me explain to you why online shopping is worth the investment

First things first, what websites do I use. Well, its up to you to find websites where you like shopping. Some of my favourites are Romwe, Choies and Yoins. These have good shipping prices and have really good quality products for really good prices. But as I am in Australia, shipping from other stores can be a deal breaker, so it depends how much you are willing to pay for shipping to your place of living. One way to check the price of shipping is to either google it or pretend to buy something and keep pretending until you find out the shipping cost, lots of websites have free shipping if you spend over x amount of money, e.g.. $50. So if you want, sometimes its better to do one big shop to save shipping costs.

So, once you have found a website that you like. Its important to go through and make an account. Once you have an account set up. scroll through the pages and if the website has it, which a lot do, save items you like to your wishlist, keeping in mind, budget and sizing of course. When online shopping, its good to know your measurements, things like, height, waist, bust etc…this is so you make sure you get the right size. Also note that some websites may have different shoe sizes, here in Aus we have 6,7,8 etc but in the UK they have 36,38,40 etc so google shoe size converter and find your size. Knowing information like this prevents you from buying something thats too big or too small.

Okay, so you know your sizes, have saved item you love and just cant live without now you’ve seen them. Its time to start the purchase. When purchasing, keep in mind your budget, and try not to exceed this. With credit cards, its a little harder but if you have a gift voucher, online shopping voucher or prepaid visa card, you have a limited budget. Make sure you you know the cost of the final shipping before you make the final purchase. If the company offers shipping insurance, its worth adding that. In most cases, they will replace any lost or broken items at no extra cost to you.

Once you’ve selected your final purchase and paid. Its the hard part, the waiting. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for packages to arrive, or as quick as 1 week. Just be patient and soon you’ll have your brand new whatever you ordered. Enjoy.

Printed Skirts

Printed skirts are fun and if you get the styling right, they can make a huge statement. There are many types of skirts, like pencil, a-line, skater, maxi, mini, midi etc…But you need to find the one that you like the best. For me, its skater skirts. They are fun and playful and are easy to work into a wardrobe, but its up to you to discover what works for you. Anyway, printed skirts. There are endless possibilities for the type of print. I’ve been eyeing off a city printed midi skirt online (Here) for a while now. That is what I would classify as an EXTREME patterned skirt, something that you gotta know what you’re doing to style it, but there are more subtle prints, something like a plain zig zag or polka dot skirt can usually work for most people and sometimes you can break all fashion rules and wear these with another similar pattern, I mean its your style, you can do what you want wiht it. Then in the middle you have your classic kind of prints, leopard, multicolours, tribal. These are in the middle as they are a little harder to style but can be done so with assistance, luckily you have this blog post to help you out.

With a more simpler patterned skirt eg. polka dots, wearing a colour mirrored in the skirt often looks clean and professional. Of course you can always wear a contrast colour top for a pop of colour, just mirror this chosen colour through accessories. This will give you an effective colour distribution and balance the outfit. With patterned skirts, its alway better to wear plain shoes consisting of one colour. Black, beige, grey and white are all good colours as they all have neutral bases and go with most things. I mean who can go wrong with a pair of black stilettos.

With the ‘middle’ patterned skirts. The same basic rules apply, plain top with it being a colour in the skirt. Because these skirts have more complex and detailed patterns, its important that you respect the skirt and make it the icing on the cake, everything else should work with it. Because it isn’t aity printed midi skirt really complex skirt, fun accessories and a matching printed clutch to make a fun statement.

With the EXTREME patterned skirts, like a full on scene prints with the sky, buildings etc. You gotta be careful, these are full on statement skirts and must be worn and dressed with caution. You gotta go plain, reflect colours in the skirt, but nothing to bold or deep, like if the skirt had pink and you wanted to wear a pink top, you don’t go pick your fluro fuchsia top. No, back away and go for a softer shade of pink, like baby pink or a rose pink. If you went the bolder top, you are distracting from the skirt with a counteracting bold shirt and trust me, it looks like a hot mess when you do this. Of course if you went black or white, it sounds simpler but its not, you can even stuff up wearing black or white. If the skirt has a lot of light colours, like yellow, pink, orange. Go for a white top as they have similar base colours. If there is a lot of blue, green, purple etc. Go for a black or even navy coloured top as the darker colours will keep the whole outfit balanced and keep you from looking like you don’t know your colours. Again with heels, balance the outfit. If mainly dark colours, dark heels, silver accessories work best. Lighter colours, go for white or cream heels and gold accessories.

This is the skirt I was talking about earlier Here

Of course, this is just a guideline and you don’t have to follow the rules I’ve set. This is more of a beginners way to patterned skirts and fashion should be about expressing yourself, so wear that patterned skirt how you and your style says so.


Photo on 3-06-2016 at 6.33 PM

Photo on 3-06-2016 at 6.32 PM #2

I do have a shirt on, just a crop top


Photo on 15-05-2016 at 1.41 PM #2
Billabong is a surf brand and one of my favourites. Okay, it’s a little pricey but you know you are buying quality. I wanted to blog about this because I went to my local sports store and got this amazing bucket bag, I’ll have a picture above  and went and begged for the money to buy it, it was on sale too so I couldn’t leave it there and most people know about it but it deserves a lot of praise and I want to make it clear, you don’t have to be sporty to buy sporty brands. Billabong truely is a great brand. They have top notch bikinis and with amazing prints and patterns in all shapes, like strapless, bandeau, halter neck, triangle etc… They also do a wide range of skirts, shorts, tops, singlets, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, scarves, gloves, beanies, hats, bags, belts and shoes. Okay, so you pay a little more for it but you know you are buying quality products. My favourite is when they are on sale so you can get the set of bikinis or something like that for like half price.

Skirts in Winter

The weather is cooling down, tanks and bikinis carefully placed away for next season, you move and see all you skirts just there, don’t put them away. Wearing a skirt in winter is a great way to add a preppy and girly look to an outfit. Wearing a skirt in winter is easier than you think.

When wearing a skirt in winter, it’s about the balance of tones. In cooler seasons you naturally wear darker colours, things such as greys, blacks, blues and greens, the natural colours associated with winter.

Skirts have many different styles, pencil, skater, mini, maxi etc. Mini and maxi skirts are defiantly more of a summer style skirt, so pencil and skater are more winter styles and cuts. A pencil is a good one for winter as you can layer stockings with them, add a nice blouse, cute boots and a coat and there you have a sophisticated work look.

Skater skirts are really good as they are easy to layer with tights or leggings. They are looser than pencil skirts and have a nice flare to them. They look really nice over the top of tops to highlight the waist or if you don’t have a really small waist, they look fine under tops too.

Skirts don’t have to be shoved to the bottom of the draw when the colder weather hits. They are perfect layering pieces and add fun and class to an outfit.

Below is an outfit I wore to a mother’s day lunch
Sweater: Dotti
Skirt: Free Fusion by Target (not available anymore)
Leggings: Target
Singlet (worn underneath): Target
Necklace: Valley Girl AU
Boots: Target
(All brands are Australian and I brought all things from Australian stores)

Photo on 8-05-2016 at 10.10 AM

Sales pt.1

You can probably tell where I am going with this. It’s the sale and you see something that you must have and then you end up sending $138 dollars in that shop. Yep, we all do it, impulsive buying because its 50% off. I do it all the time. When we see a sale, you are usually drawn to it, especially if it’s a shop that you love but it is important that when shops present a sale, you shop wisely and don’t go crazy.

One way to avoid spending all your moolah is to make a list of what you want to get from the sales, do you want a new bikini and matching beach bag or maybe something for next season. If you have a clear idea of what you want to buy, you can avoid going crazy but in saying that, have a little wriggle room for that top that you didn’t even know they had but you must have kinda scenario.

People often buy presents or for others during a sale, I mean, why wouldn’t you, can save a little cash. It’s a good idea to think about up and coming occasions, like formal, prom, birthdays, nights out ect…this way, you are thinking about how you can use that sparkly clutch in more than one way. By planning ahead on what and where you might wear the item, you don’t feel like you have to keep shopping.

Anyway, this is part 1 done and dusted. I will post more about sales soon


The Basics


So, now I am going to help out the people who are just starting to get into some serious fashion. There are a few basic pieces that you should have in your wardrobe, no matter what your style. Number one and two, either in singlet or t-shirt form, one black and one white don’t argue or spit the dummy at this, you simply MUST have these for basic mixing and matching. A go to dress that can be dressed up or down, a pair of ballet flats, these shoes are so comfortable and stylish and can make you look so professional, a nice hat, and no, I don’t mean a beach hat. You should also invest in a nice handbag and clutch, one or two statement necklaces and some bracelets that will go with everything. A pair of blue denim shorts and jeans are essential and a warm jacket, jumper ect.

Having a good balance of prints and plain will provide you with endless possibilities for outfits. Of course these aren’t all the things you need but are staples in everyone’s wardrobe.

A little intro


My name is Ebony and I love fashion and design. I started this blog for people who might need fashion advice or who want to feel good about themselves, these days we have photoshopped models telling us what beauty is and that is just ridiculous, so enjoy.

Any photo I post is NOT photoshopped, I might use a filter but I will tell you